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Shimadzu Precision Instruments, Inc.
Repair Station
3645 N. Lakewood Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90808
Tel( 562) 420-6226

Shimadzu Warranty Instructions:
Please contact us for warranty coverage information and inbound shipping instructions.

 For repair shipments originating from the USA  (Domestic)

Please pre-pay the shipping charges. We are not responsible for paying for inbound shipping charges for your products.

 For shipments originating from outside the USA  (International)

Please pre-pay the shipping charges and any duties and taxes that will be imposed by the Untied States Customs. We are not responsible for paying for inbound shipping charges or Customs duties related to the import of your products for repair. It is your responsibility to process the shipment correctly.

If the international shipping carrier charges us for shipping, duties and/or taxes for your inbound shipments, these charges will be billed back to you, or we may decline to receive the shipment.

Some of our products are made in the USA and will qualify for duty free treatment if the correct Harmonized Tariff Schedule Code (HTS) is provided.  Please contact us with the Part Number and Serial Number of your unit so we can advise the correct HTS code to use for the inbound shipment.  Some products are manufactured in Japan and depending on the HTS code, may qualifiy for duty free treatment, each part is unique so please contact us before preparing your shipping documents.

Unless the product is under the manufacturer's warranty all inbound and outbound charges are the responsiblity of the owner/operator.

If mistakes are made in your shipping documents we may request for corrections.  If we are charged by a carrier to modify the import records then this charge will be forwarded to you or your account.

Customs Purpose Value

If your repair unit is brand new, please use that value.  U.S. Customs does not require the cost of a new unit, you may provide an estimate of the value of the unit in its current condition.


Merchandise Processing Fee

U.S. Customs will charge all inbound shipments valued at $2,500 or more a processing fee.  The fee shall represent 0.3464 percent of the value of the shipment, with a minumum charge of $25.67 and a maximum charge of $497.99.  SPI is not purchasing your repair units; therefore we are not responsible for paying to have your equipment imported to the USA for repair.  Please charge your own account for this charge.  We will forward all imposed charges back to you as they are not included in our repair services.  More can be read here: 


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